[blockquote]One of Jacksonville’s Premier Architects, Mark Macco, AIA, NCARB, Creates Innovative and Sustainable Design Solutions for High-End Residential and Commercial Buildings[/blockquote]

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Are you looking for an innovative and inspired Architect for your next custom home or commercial project? Call Mark Macco Architects at 904.249.ARCH (2724) to find out more about our purposeful and sustainable design solutions, our award-winning architecture, and our customer-focused work ethic.”]

Latest Projects

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The Big Picture

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Mark Macco Architects is a full-service, Jacksonville-based architectural firm that offers comprehensive and practical designs for innovative residential and commercial buildings.  As one of Jacksonville’s most accomplished residential and commercial Architects and custom building designers, Mark Macco has made significant contributions to Northeast Florida’s upscale communities with his innovative, sustainable and practical designs. Mark Macco Architects delivers outstanding results for each client: on time and on budget. Experience the Mark Macco difference — call 904.249.ARCH (2724) today to begin the journey to the home or office of your dreams.[/accordion][accordion title=”What We Do”]

  • Single Family Residential
  • Commercial
  • Interior Architecture
  • Oceanfront, high wind borne debris zone expertise
  • Aviation, including Terminal and Hanger Design
  • Multifamily
  • Mixed-Use
  • Hospitality
  • Animal Shelter
  • Site Evaluation
  • Building Information Modeling  (BIM)
  • Sustainable Design
  • All phases of the design process including;  Programming, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, and Construction Administration

[/accordion][accordion title=”Where We’re Going”]Every few years, there’s a shift in the nature of architecture. After the recent economic recession, we’re seeing the same phenomenon – a shift from the oversized, overbuilt, and overly fussy homes of the past decade or so to a more streamlined and purposeful aesthetic. The trend in design these days is toward simplicity, elegance, and sustainability. Homes are smarter, smaller and simpler – all  without sacrificing beauty and comfort. Improved energy efficiency isn’t just good for the “back to nature” crowd; it’s the right and reasonable approach for every homeowner. At Mark Macco Architects, we strive for intentional and thoughtful design solutions. We approach each project holistically by looking for locally sourced components and materials; by thinking about architecture that is appropriate and ecological; and by working in harmony with nature. We take full advantage of natural vistas, we embrace the environment and site-specific features. We work hard to ensure our project enhance their communities and neighborhoods. At Mark Macco Architects, we strive to make our designs Cohesive, Consistent and Coherent. We firmly believe that good design doesn’t have to cost a lot of money – it just has to be well-considered.[/accordion] [/accordions]


What’s New?

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