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  • Oceanfront Contemporary

    Oceanfront Contemporary

    This contemporary beach home has clean lines and purposeful design that frames serene vistas of the ocean. The elegant simplicity...

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  • Cedar Shake Ocean Front

    Cedar Shake Ocean Front

    This high-end oceanfront home is elegant and inviting. With a large bell-shaped entry and bowed-out gabled roofs, this cedar shake...

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  • Humane Society

    Humane Society

    The Jacksonville Humane Society project will be a 45,000-square-foot shelter for abandoned and available animals that will function on a...

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  • Perdue Dormitory

    Perdue Dormitory

    Perdue University was looking for a project that would become a landmark for the University.  The school colors are expressed...

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  • Venturi Tower

    Venturi Tower

    Mark Macco designed the Venturi Tower in response to an architecture competition sponsored by eVolo Magazine. The concept of the...

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  • Modern Beach House

    Modern Beach House

    Sustainability, clean lines, and privacy are three words to describe this forward-thinking Florida beach home. Currently under construction, this 5,000...

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  • Palm Beach Estate

    Palm Beach Estate

    When executed properly, Mediterranean style can be stunning.  This home is an Architectural success because of its proportion, purpose and...

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  • Tuscan Prairie Hybrid

    Tuscan Prairie Hybrid

    What if Frank Lloyd Wright were inspired by Tus­can res­i­den­tial Archi­tec­ture? This beau­ti­ful hybrid gives more than a nod to...

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